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Memorial Day 2018

Honoring Those Who Gave All

This Memorial Day Weekend, join us in honoring just some of the many men and women of the armed services Medical Corps who placed service before self in the pursuit of saving lives. 

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The Golden Minute

Meet the NEW SimNewB®

One minute can determine a life.  It can also determine a lifetime.  In keeping with our mission of helping save lives, Laerdal is committed to helping you provide training that can prepare learners to manage every second of that minute.  We want to help ensure that every birth has a happy beginning.

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Introducing the NEW SimBaby™

Small Patients, Big Needs

For critical care patients less than one year of age, there are many unique challenges. Young children have particularly unique anatomy and physiology, and they do not have the ability to express how they feel or share their health history.

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3 Ways to Improve Productivity for Sustainable Success

Prolong the Life Cycle of Your Simulation Lab

Looking to improve the productivity of your simulation program? In this article we summarize three effective way to focus on sustaining your simulation lab with Educational and Technical Services.

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